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Meet Our Interns


Kari-April Gibson

My name is Kari-April Gibson and I am from Thoreau, NM, but recently moved to Smith Lake, NM, which I now call home.  As of now, I am currently seeking my Bachelor’s degree from Navajo Technical University in Business Administration. This summer I am interning with the American Indian Business Leaders Organization (AIBL) at Navajo Technical University under the College of Business with Christine Reidhead. It has been such an eye-opening experience to be an intern and guest of NTU’s KARMA program. I have been learning a great deal about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, self-starter, and how to go about finding funds to follow your dream.  Although, I am not directly an intern of the KARMA program I hope to one day find myself as their intern because KARMA has shown me that even though dreams take money and dedication, that with their help and their resources they can help you to achieve your goal. KARMA has been so great in teaching me the process of Small Business Development, 3D robotics, and innovation that I hope to learn as much as possible so that I, too can help others build on their dreams.


Keanu Jones

Keanu Jones is a member of the Navajo Nation and is from Grand Falls, Arizona. He is studying Creative Writing and New Media at Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, New Mexico. He has been an intern for KARMA since it was offered. He had limited knowledge on entrepreneurship and why it is important, but by joining the KARMA team it opened a new door of endless opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship. He hopes to learn more about creating his own business on the Navajo Nation to build a film industry to retain their unique stories.


Dale Morgan

Hello, my name is Dale Morgan. I was born and raised in Smith Lake, NM. I am majoring in Creative Writing and New Media at Navajo Technical University. I have always thought about technology and how it could be integrated with our education. Any forms of technology we use change at a drastic pace. I believe this is a way of adapting on keeping up with careers and building the job market. KARMA has helped me to push my boundaries as an intern. I hope to gain knowledge of every aspect as a business owner and become my own boss one day in reference to help others as well in providing such services.


Myra Tuttle

Yá’atéh. Shí éi’  yá Myra Tuttle yinishyé, adóó Naałaaní bí keyáh déé nááshá’. Tóa’hani  nishlí do Naałaaní báshíshchíín adóó Bitáhni’ dá shí chei’ dóó Naałaani da shi naĺli’.

I am a master’s degree student at Navajo Technical University and I am also an intern with KARMA at the Innovation Center at Navajo Technical University located in Churchrock, New Mexico. I am originally from Porcupine, South Dakota but I now reside in Farmington, New Mexico. I wanted to become an intern with KARMA to upgrade my professional skills. I work with excel a lot and it helps to apply my book knowledge to the real time work environment and I hope to learn grant writing here with KARMA. I hope to develop my research and writing skills in my internship. Dr. Jones and his staff are super supportive, and I sincerely enjoy being there on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to learning a lot this summer.