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KARMA engages the youth at NTU’s 2019 Diné Maker Nation Faire

Lavern Moore, KARMA Outreach Coordinator, and Myra Tuttle, KARMA intern, representing KARMA and New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center booth.

CHURCH ROCK, NM – On April 25, 2019, the Ke’yah Advanced Rural Manufacturing Alliance (KARMA) and New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center sponsored Navajo Technical University’s 2019 Diné Maker Nation Faire, a hands-on showcase that was part science fair, part crafts fair, and part interactive museum. KARMA had a booth at the event to exhibit their efforts in empowering Navajo entrepreneurs through advanced manufacturing and 3D printing.

“The Diné Maker Nation Faire had a unique way of incorporating our Diné culture that aligned with our emergence story,” said KARMA’s Outreach Coordinator, Lavern Moore. “This was a great experience for our Navajo community to encourage present and future Diné makers. The best part of the event was witnessing the excitement in the younger students’ eyes.”

KARMA’s mission is to elevate Navajo entrepreneurs through advance manufacturing, which encompasses 3D printing, subtractive manufacturing and metrology. In doing so, KARMA has participated in several outreach initiatives, such as its annual Innoventure Product Challenge that tasked middle and high school students to create a toy for Navajo Nation Head Start. The efforts have helped pave pathways for students in advanced manufacturing careers from school to employment.

Two of the schools that participated in the Innoventure Product Challenge in February, Crownpoint Middle School and St. Bonaventure Mission School, participated in the Diné Maker Nation Faire. St. Bonaventure showcased a chat box toy that helped describe animals in the Navajo language, while Crownpoint Middle displayed a sustainable transportation model for a solar scooter.

KARMA was accompanied by New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center and the Sandia National Laboratory at the event in promotion of Studio G, which is a student business accelerator that assists college students in become entrepreneurs. Through KARMA’s partnership with NMSU Arrowhead Center programs like Studio G are offered at NTU. The booth was visited by over 150 attendees throughout the day, where individuals received information about the program.

To learn more about KARMA, please contact Lavern Moore at or Keanu Jones at

A copy of this press release can be downloaded here.